Hola friends! Check it out! My books are now available! My Best Year Yet is a daily happiness journal with a happiness-inducing exercises that enable you stay present, focused, and effectively achieve your greatest goals in life. It's basically what I do to stay happy and centered on a daily basis. One book holds two months of daily journaling and lots of you-specific wisdom!

Help Me Be Me is a collection of tools designed for a variety of emotional life-stages from Dating & Love to Brain Overdrive. They can be purchased individually, by topic or together, as a set. They are to be used in conjunction with the “My Best Self” daily journal, which is available in one-month increments or all together in a twelve-month set.

Sarah May B. is the writer of the popular weekly positivity blog, “Teaspoon of Happy” on HelloGiggles.com Her blog has been featured in various publications, including Buzzfeed and
Zooey’s Miscellany. Her writing/directing work received an Emmy nomination and has been featured in the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. For press inquiries or to send feedback, please contact sarahmaybee@me.com or @sarahmaybee